Hertfordshire ASA organises a number of county-based swimming competitions, and also fields teams in a number of regional and national events. The competitions cover a range of abilities and provide opportunities for swimmers to compete against other swimmers within the county.

Events include:

Development Meet - This has been held in the past in November. It was designed to give younger swimmers from around Hertfordshire, aged between 9yrs and 11yrs, an opportunity to prepare for the Hertfordshire County Swimming Championships. There were no minimum qualifying times, but swimmers could only enter for events in which they have not previously swum in the County Swimming Championships.  

County Swimming Championships - The Hertfordshire County Swimming Championships have minimum age and time qualifications.  They take place over two or three weekends in January/February, and are the first formal rung on a ladder that runs through Regionals, Nationals to the World Championships and the Olympics. The younger swimmers also compete in an age group competition.

Herts Masters Championships - this is usually held in June, and offers a chance for the 'more mature' swimmers in our county to compete. The championships are age-banded, and the competition can be fierce, but friendly, in particular the fight to be best overall masters club is always tough.

Daplyn Trophy - this is usually held in December, and is a team event for U14 boys and girls. This is a well-established event with a long history. It consists of individual and relay events. An article on how the trophy got it's name can be viewed here

County Teams - The county also takes part in a number of inter-county events at ASA East Region and national level. A master's team from Hertfordshire also takes part in the ASA East Region Inter-County event, and were champions in 2011

Development Camps  - have been run by the county in the past, and there are plans to provide these in the future.