Inter County Review 2018

Our Inter County season for 2018 is now finished so time for a quick review.

Starting with our Regional Inter County team, we travelled again to UEA Norwich for another battle with our regional adversaries. It was fantastic to see the team return home with the winners trophy having finished 4thlast year. A great start to the season and a great start to Janets’ Presidency.

Junior Inter Counties at Luton saw the team finish 4th(again) and Nationals we finished 7thin Division 2 for the second year running. 

Over the three competitions we gave 78 swimmers the opportunity to represent the county. This is a fantastic chance for the swimmers to swim at a different level with different team mates and more often than not different coaches in charge of them as well as Team Managers around as well.

The county would like to thank the following without whom these events woud not have happened:

Coaches: Amy Thompson, Magda Klosowska, Jack Donoghue & Andrew Woodhouse.

Team Managers: Kate Burchell, Anna Baker, Sam Housden, Beata Klimaszewska, Tracey Bradshaw, Jem Laguda, Anna Belsey & Tony Moore

Officials: Louise Hughes, Phil Murtagh, Tony Chada, Matthew Brundle, Julie Baggert, Shirlayne Dunwoodie, Helena Pretious-White & Clare McCarty

As a county we appoint the coaches to select the swimmers and cover the events and Kate carries out the administrative side of things. We ALWAYS have issues recruiting Team Managers & Officials. 

If you are qualified as an Official or Team Manager and would like to get involved please get in touch, in an ideal world we would like Team Managers on board now to be booking travel and accommodation for next years events.