Regional Inter County Team Competition 2018

The Swim England Hertfordshire Regional Inter County team travelled to Norwich on Sunday 8thJuly for the Swim England East Region County Team Championships 2018. The 44 strong team all travelled together on the coach along with 2 coaches, 3 team managers, 3 officials and the County President. It was a full and happy bus all the way to the pool!

Having placed 4thin 2017 eyes were on moving up the rankings at this year’s competition, and the team that travelled to Norwich was a strong one. In the first 10 events the team claimed 3 firsts, 4 seconds, 2 thirds and 1 fourth, setting the tone for the event.

The first win of the day was claimed by the Girls 11/12 Medley team of Kaia Phillips, Kirsty Fuge, Molly Cobbold and Isabella Yeabsley, swiftly followed by the two 15/16 year old Medley teams of Tom Ogden, Ben Green, Michael Klimaszewski and Sam Pyefinch for the boys and Mia Carter, Sophie Payne, Sara Kalawska and Jess Woodward for the girls.

There were individual wins for Kaia Phillips (Girls 11/12 100m backstroke), Ela Norton (Girls 13/14 100m breaststroke), Daniel Holliss (Boys 11/12 100m breaststroke), Michael Klimasewski (Boys 13/14 100m butterfly), Reese Housden (Boys 15/16 100m freestyle), Mia Carter (Girls 15/16 100m backstroke), Tom Ogden (Boys 13/14 100m backstroke), Tobi Laguda (Boys 15/16 100m breaststroke) and James Woodward (Boys 17+ 100m butterfly). Herts also claimed a further 14 second or third place individual finishes.

The Regional Inter County competition features mixed relays, and the team raced strongly in these events. It was great to see the team working together in these events, especially as mixed relays are now appearing on the world stage. Wins were claimed by the mixed 13/14 Medley relay team of Tom Ogden, Ela Norton, Michael Klimaszewski and Millie Fields, and the 17+ mixed Medley relay team of Dan Chada, Jack Christie, Georgina Tallon and Elinah Phillip.

Entering the final run of relays the scores were announced, but on poolside it was hard to catch what was happening. Thankfully we had a swimmer briefly visiting their parents in the stands who could hear, and they came running back down with 6 races still to go to let us know that as the relays commenced we had been placed second, a single point behind Cambridge. The news quickly spread through the team, and every swimmer who was not involved in the freestyle relays was on their feet cheering the team on and doing frantic maths to work out the differentials between Hertfordshire and Cambridge! The 13/14 and 15/16 relays teams all placed second, and then the two 17+ teams won their races to make a fantastic finale to the event.

The team quickly donned their blue shirts and waited for the results with crossed fingers. When it was announced that Cambridge were second and Hertfordshire had won there was great excitement, and it was lovely to see the swimmers from all clubs coming together to celebrate their efforts for the County team. The County Presidents presented medals to all of the swimmers, and Janet Warrington, Swim Engand Hertfordshire President, presented the trophy.

There was minor trauma on the way home as the coach broke down, but the swimmers took it all in their stride and settled in for the wait with food, music, games and laughter. The patience and team spirit from all in the team was a pleasure to see all weekend, but particularly in the adverse circumstances on the way home as the swimmers set aside their different clubs and gelled as part of the Hertfordshire team. Everyone got involved and no one was left on the sidelines. 

Thank you to Beata Klimaszewska, Tracey Bradshaw and Jem Laguda for their Team Manager work; organising water, registers, swimmers for their races, swimmers who were travelling home with family…, the list was endless and everything was done with a smile. Thank you to Louise Hughes and Phil Murtagh and Tony Chada for officiating and ensuring Herts didn’t get into trouble for not providing officials. Thank you to Janet Warrington for accompanying the team in her capacity as President, and for presenting our trophy! Thank you to Kate Burchell for all the behind the scenes work calling everyone up, and reacting calmly when we had last minute panics over the team. Thank you to Bryan Thompson for organising the coach and room logistics so the team was a team for the whole weekend. Finally, thank you to all the swimmers who took part in the event, raced so well and made it such a fun weekend for all involved. We’re so proud of the result and hope that the team spirit and unity shown at this event carries forward to both Junior and National Inter Counties and that we see more success for the county!

Amy & Jack

Coaches : Amy Thompson & Jack Donoghue
Team Managers : Beata Klimaszewska, Tracey Bradshaw, Jem Laguda & Kate Burchell
Officials : Louise Hughes, Phil Murtagh & Tony Chada

Sarah Carroll, Harry Jones, Alexander Catton, Jake Moore, James Chennells, Lucas Dyson-Diaz, 
Ben Green, Dan Chada, Nathanial Mapley, Katy Lane, Ellie Holliss, Daniel Holliss, Alex Twyford, Isabelle Godfrey, Isabella Yeabsley, Joel Pietersen, Sophie Quach, Sam Pyefinch, Thomas Ogden, Millie Fields, Mia Carter, Kaia Philips, Elinah Phillips, Max Hill, Georgina Tallon, Ethan Howard, 
Emily Lush, Molly Cobbold, Joshua Holland, Valeri Giron, Sophie Payne, Sara Kalawska, 
Reese Housden, Michael Klimaszewski, Laura Copping, Kirsty Fuge, Jessica Woodward, Jessica Keogh, James Woodward, Ela Norton, Daniel Murtagh, Tobi Laguda, Amy Godsave & Jack Christie

President : Janet Warrington

Full results can be found on the Swim England East Region Website here.

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